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  • Regular airport transfers
    Point to Point Transfers
    Workshop / Seminar or activity
    VIP Transfers
    Corporate Transfers
    Large Groups transfers
    Hotel reservations

Hotty's Travel & Tours

  • About Hotty's !

    We offer a unique opportunity to offer companies to plan and manage all transportation and accommodation needs in an efficient and convenient manner

  • Our service

    We are able to offer you one stop service

  • Regular airport transfers- For day to day transport to the airport for all your traveling staff, partners, clients, board members etc
    Point to Point Transfers- Transfers to different offices, hotels, restaurent and or venues.
    Workshop / Seminar or activity - For transport of groups to all size to the company
    VIP Transfers - For transport of your company's dignitaries, especially your important clients
    Corporate Transfers - For all your companies needs airport , point to point, tours, cost-efficient tailor made solutions
    Tours- Visits and tours to attractions to staff, company and guest
    Large Groups transfers- For transport of large groups
    Hotel reservations - For all your hotel or guest house need for all your clients who do not have time to do all that as they prepare to pay you a visit.

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